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Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
at every part of the budget. you have to look at defense spending. you have to clearly focused on health care costs, which go faster than the economy. we have to fix our social security system, which makes promises bigger than what we can pay out on the road. we have to raise revenues. we started down the path, but we haven't looked had to do about overhauling tax system, which would you want to raise revenue, you could do in could do in the way bad for the economy hallway discussion helps increase competitiveness and modernizes our tax system. so we know what the answers are. were going to fight it the specifics, but we don't know at what point the political system is going to be willing to make all those traces, which are difficult compromise on both sides and put this issue to rest so we can go back to all the other things were going to fight about. the fact you can sue a policy solutions are more passed the tennis doesn't matter, but everybody recognized the threat that she can't possibly imagine a real growth, and without a sense of stability from knowing what changes obesity you ca
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
of self-defense that the supreme court found you have in the home to when you leave the home, is another question entirely. and i think ultimately probably the -- what happens in congress is not going to be greatly affected, not going to be greatly constrained by what the supreme court will allow. i think the court on things like regulation of particular types of guns, waiting periods, background checks and things like that, is -- will probably be willing to allow that sort of thing. >> i want you all to know i have been sending notes to my wife. those of you who are getting here in time, i know this is a big appointment for you every day. you may not see the news, but chuck todd had a report on what the president is going recommend tomorrow and then i thought i would share that with you. the universal background check, tops the list. prohibition of high-capacity ammunition magazines. prohibition of anything above ten rounds. 0 there were 30 rounds in the magazines in newton, some type of assault weapons ban. and antitraffic and legislation to impose stiffer penalties on gun sellers, and
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
can use the first line of defense which is to be regulatory and supervisory authority, not only the fed, the occ and the ftse has as well. it -- having said all that, as i was saying earlier there's a lot of disagreement about what role monetary policy plays increasing as the bubbles. there are people that think it is an important source. our attitude is that we need said identify problems and address that. the federal reserve was created about 100 years ago now, 1913 was the law. not to do monetary policy, but rather, to address financial panics. and that is what we did, of course, in 2009. and it is a difficult task, but i think going forward, the fed needs to think about the financial stability and monetary economic stability as being in some sense, that to keep dollars of what the central bank tries to do we will be working harder and financial stability, using our regulatory supervisory powers trying to strengthen the financial system and if necessary adjust monetary policy as well. i don't think that is the first line of defense. >> okay. this comment comes from twitter. i
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
for the ceremony itself that is always subject to change but with the flow of defense media guide should be public later this afternoon or tomorrow. it is on the web site inaugural got senate got the of. >> how big of a crowd are you expecting that could come to the event? logistically from 2009? >> the short answer is we don't do crowd projections or crowd out let's. but our expectation it is more in line with traditional a inaugurals. four years ago it was historic you get larger crowds from changes in how our from one party also the president being the first african-american and created a lot of interest. we are very excited and there is enthusiasm but this will be more in line with previous inauguration's. logistical it will be as smooth as possible. that being said redo date your patience. the weather could be called. we prepared to be a side. and work with us to make this a smooth event. >>. >> speenine. >> cannot have a specific number but it is thousands it is one of the most well covered even some of the of world national and international significance. many apply for credentials brough w
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
for a defense to say 100 million, which some people, including somebody i know quite well says is feasible. but the 510. so if you reduce it substantially, where's the rest going to come from? they would have to come in substantial part, i think, from the domestic side and i think if you look at what's happened and what is going to happen if we continue on this path to health research, nih, and i say this in a personal way because of family involvement in health research. when my wife started working, running it peer-reviewed group on child development and child mental health, if there were 100 applications for the peer review group that she ran, they would set aside 50. the staff, my wife would set aside 50 is not very strong. they would take the other 50 and peer review would come out with 15 or 20 highly ranked. and i bet tony, maybe half would be funded. today, it is lucky if two or three are funded. and what's true for child mental health and development is true for medical research is true across the board in most areas of nih. this is not a question of starving the beast. this is a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5